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At Smoky Mountain Hemp Cafe our goal is to serve the community with high-quality premium CBD and offer advice on holistic healing. We are also here to remove the stigma of hemp and show the community the great benefits CBD, along with other products we sell.

CBD Blondies

These delicious blondies have 10mg of CBD oil. 

CBD Brownies

Fresh made Brownies with 10mg of CBD per a brownie.

CBD Ice Cream

This seasonal favorite is fresh and made from scratch.

Our staff has holistic healing experience, who can help with any pain or ailment you may be suffering from.

We offer a large selection of Kratom. Our Kratom is straight from Indonesia and is the highest quality we can find.


We offer a high quality distilled vapor CBD Oil.

CBD Salve

We make a custom salve out of all natural ingredients. When applied externally this will improve ones quality of life almost immediately.

CBD Flower

CBD flower is below the federal legal limit of THC. This is great for relaxing, pain relief, or getting a good night’s sleep.

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Open every day except for
Tuesdays & Thursday
10am – 5pm






2591 Cosby Hwy
Newport, TN 37821